Little Sprouts offers a SPOT Program for children who require support in more than one development area. Children who have Autism, Global Development Delay, or children who are not yet ready to attend and participate at school, will likely benefit from this Program. In this Program, children work on a range of skills in these developmental areas: speech, language, sensory-motor, self-help and cognitive development. We have seen children make wonderful progress with this Program.

Your child will work individually with our highly qualified and experienced Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists. Your child's therapists will work in alignment with your child's Program goals, with eachother, and with your child's Program Supervisor. 

Our SPOT Program includes:
Step 1: Speech Screening and Occupational Therapy Screening
Step 2: Screening Reports with goals and recommendations
Step 3: SPOT Program for 2 month cycle 
Step 4: Speech and Occupational Therapy progress reports

*spaces are limited* 

For more information about our SPOT Program, contact us for a free consultation.