Speech Therapists are highly trained specialists who evaluate and treat people of all ages from babies to adults with speech and languague difficulties.  

Pediatric Speech Therapist help children of all ages with various speech and languague disorders and/or difficulties.


There's a variety of reasons for come and see our Speech Therapists, including:

  • Expressive language difficuties 
  • Receptive language difficulties 
  • Speech articulation disorder 
  • Voice
  • Oral-motor development
  • Stuttering 
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Social communication 


Some of the Specialized Speech Therapy we offer at Little Sprouts include:

  • PROMPT - for Apraxia / Dyspraxia, motor-speech diffculty, non-verbal or minimally verbal communication
  • Hanen - for early language development 
  • Social Thinking - for social communication 
  • Lidcombe Program - for stuttering
  • Smooth Speech / Prolonged Speech Program - for stuttering 
  • PECS - Picture Exchange Communication System
  • Social Communication Group Therapy (children are grouped by age and communication ability)
  • Floor-Time - for early language development 
  • Oral Placement Therapy - TalkTools Therapy 
  • Resonant Voice Therapy (RVT) for voice disorders
  • Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder Therapy for correcting breathing, tongue thrust, tongue rest and swallowing patterns
  • Parent Coaching Sessions
  • Learning Support Assistant (LSA) Coaching Sessions


At Little Sprouts we offer Speech Therapy:

  • Screening: The Screening focuses on your child’s speech and language, how they are affecting your child’s communication, and areas where support is required.
  • Consultation: We know the importance to be heard. In our consultations you can solve questions regarding behaviours, specific questions, solve problems, etc.
  • Intervention: Come and have fun learning with our Speech Therapists. Interventions are 1:1 setting focusing on your child's difficulties and your priorities as a parent. We offer 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes session. We also offer intervention both English and Thai.

For more information about Speech Therapy for your child, please contact us. 

We currently have 6 Speech Language Therapists at Little Sprouts and are always looking to grow our Speech Therapy team. Inquire within if you may be interested.