Early intervention is essential for children with unique developmental needs. Numerous research has shown that children who receive intensive and consistent early intervention demonstrate increased independence as well as improved ability to function in their natural settings.

Little Sprouts Children’s Centre provides intensive Early Intervention for children with special needs between the ages of 16 months - 5 years. We offer a one-to-one student-therapist ratio and 15 intensive intervention hours per week, so that each child receives constant individual attention, engagement, and the full benefits of our Early Intervention Program.



The Model

Our Early Intervention Program integrates multiple aspects of Greenspan’s DIR/Floortime Model, the Early Start Denver Model(ESDM), and Applied Behavior Analysis(ABA). Engagement, Individual Differences, Structure, Challenge, and Joyful Interaction, are among the key elements of our program.


Multidisciplinary Approach

Each child’s program is individually designed by a multidisciplinary team of staff, including but not limited to, a Speech and Language Pathologist, an Occupational Therapist, a Special Education Teacher, a Clinical Psychologist, a one-on-one therapist, and parent(s). This multidisciplinary team works together to create an individualized program that addresses each child’s specific needs in the areas of Communication and Language Development, Cognitive Development and Learning Readiness, Social and Emotional Development, Sensory Integration and Sensory Processing, and Self-Help Skills. The team meets monthly to review and update the child’s program with respect to the child’s progress.

A one-to-one early interventionist is assigned to each child and works under careful supervision of the interdisciplinary team. Once a week, the child will also have an opportunity for individual time with the Speech and Language Pathologist, the Occupational Therapist or the Psychomotor Therapist, and the Clinical Psychologist. At the end of each trimester, the team will produce a report on the child’s progress and development.


Year-Round Program

Each child enrolling in our Early Intervention Program receives 3 hours a day of intensive therapy, Monday through Friday. In order to avoid long pauses in intervention which can result in regression or loss of skills, our Early Intervention Program continues year round with up to 600 intervention hours per year.


Preparation for Inclusive Settings

While each child has an individualized intervention plan, the one goal we have for all our children is to prepare them to transition into an inclusive educational setting. Children above 4 years of age are encouraged to enroll in an inclusive preschool program in addition to participating in our intervention program as this will give them opportunities to become familiar with classroom structures. The Little Sprouts team will be happy to work with daycares and/or schools to support the adults working with the child in these settings.