Our 800 square-meter center is located in the quiet residential area of Soi Thonglor 5. Our campus features learning environments that have been carefully designed to facilitate engagement, interaction, and development in children.

Learning Spaces

Little Sprouts Children’s Center offers a safe, supportive, and nurturing home-like environment for our children. To reduce distraction, we use neutral and softer tones, rather than bright and sharp colors, on our furniture and walls. Wall art and decorations are kept to a minimal as these may overwhelm our children. At times, we may turn off the lights to help regulate visual stimuli for our children with light sensitivity.

Private Learning Rooms

Private Learning Rooms offer personal and contained environments to allow children and their therapist to focus on each other and the task at hand with minimal distractions.

The Toys

Toys and learning materials used in our programs are carefully selected by our professional team. We prefer simple wooden toys over battery operated toys, even though we do have a few electronic toys available for special cases. All our toys are considered learning tools. They are placed throughout the centre in ways that encourage exploration, communication, creativity, learning, and engagement. Our toys are cleaned and disinfected daily.

The Playground

The playground is where children learn to problem solve, negotiate, make new friends, and many other skills adults alone cannot teach. That is why you may sometimes find us conducting a session in the playground area. Our outdoor playground features play equipments safe for children of all ages and several areas where overstimulated children can take a break. Our large trees provide natural shade for the play area.

The playground is also open for use by our families during program hours. However, parents/Guardians are responsible for their own children.

Waiting Area

While waiting for your child, parents can relax on a comfortable sofa, read a magazine, or browse the internet in the waiting area located inside the administrative office.

Safety Policies:

• No alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, or drugs are allowed on our premises.

• Photos and videos of children in our program can only be taken upon permission of the children’s parents or legal guardians.

• All visitors must always wear a visitor’s badge.