Our Little Sprouts Policies are listed below, for your review. 


Little Sprouts COVID-19 Policy

We have been instructud to follow specific Government regulations at Little Sprouts Children's Centre. We are also currently limiting some of the services we provide, for the safety of our Little Sprouts community. 

a. Adults and children must wear a mask at all times at Little Sprouts Centre.

b. All families attending Little Sprouts Centre are required to complete a Travel History Form.

c. To limit the number of people on campus at one time, we are currently not taking on single sessions such as consultations or screenings. These will be offered online instead, where possible and appropriate. 

d. To limit the number of people on campus at one time, we can only have staff and clients inside the Centre. We cannot have parents, siblings, nannies inside the Centre.

e. We are currently not taking on students seeking internships or shadow observers, until further notice.

f. We are currently not providing TalkTools or PROMPT Therapies, until further notice. 

g. Before entering the Centre, everyone is required to have their temperature checked and to complete online check-in.

h. Our waiting room is closed, per Government regulations. 

i. We are currently not having in-person meetings with external service providers. These meetings will be offered online instead. 

Due to the developing situation, there may be further changes and additions to the COVID-19 Policy above. If there are further changes, clients will be informed by email. 


Little Sprouts Health Policy

a. If your child is sick or showing any symptoms of being sick (listed below), please cancel your child’s speech session by emailing your child's therapist by 8.00am on the session day at the latest. If you do so, your child’s session will not be charged and the canceled session will be rescheduled.

Symptoms of being sick include, but are not limited to, those listed below:

  • Temperature is over 37.5C within the past 48 hours 
  • Loss of sense of taste or smell
  • Cold or flu symptoms such as fever, sneezing, runny nose, colored mucus, congested cough, or wheezing
  • Conjunctivitis ( pink eye – red with thick yellow drainage
  • Bronchitis
  • Undiagnosed or contageous rashes
  • Impetigo (red pimples, raw and weeping when broken – generally increases in areas such as, neck, groin, underarms, face, hands, diaper edge)
  • Diarrhea or stomach flu
  • Vomiting
  • Contagious conditions such as Hand Foot Mouth disease. Please notify the centre if your child has a contagious condition so that other parents can be alerted
  • Ear or throat infection 
  • Head lice

b. Please note that Little Sprouts therapists reserve the right to cancel a child's session at any point which the child is showing symptoms of being sick. In this case, Little Sprouts will charge for the session in full amount due to late cancelation.


Little Sprouts Cancelation Policy

a. You are free to cancel your child’s session for any reason. However, the therapist needs to be informed by email by 8.00am on the session day at the latest. If you do so, your child’s session will not be charged and the canceled session will be rescheduled. 

b. A session canceled after 8.00am on the session date will be considered a late cancelation and will be charged in full.

c. If a client does not attend their scheduled session without notice, this is considered a 'no show'. This session will be charged in full amount as a late cancelation. 

d. If a client cancels a session more than twice within a month, their session time can no longer be reserved.


Scheduling Policy

a. We do our best to schedule your preferred session time. However, kindly note that there are circumstances where this may not be possible. 

b. If you wish to discuss feedback with your child's therapist, please schedule to do so during your child's session time. Therapists are not available to discuss progress after the session has ended, as this will delay another child's session start. 

c. Please ensure to pick up your child when their session has ended. Little Sprouts therapists are not responsible for supervising your child after their session has ended. 


Payment Policy

a. Little Sprouts requires upfront payment to confirm sessions.

b. Little Sprouts accepts payment via direct bank transfer or in cash. Little Sprouts does not currently accept credit card payments. 

c. Please note that Little Sprouts does not refund money. 


Insurance Policy

Little Sprouts does not deal directly with insurance companies. In the case where a client will claim reimbursement from insurance, the client is required to pay Little Sprouts upfront, per the payment policy above. Little Sprouts will provide the client with supporting documentaton for their claim for reimbursement from their insurance company. 


Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.