Family Consultation

Family involvement is one of the key factors that allow many children to reach their potential. Little Sprouts Children’s Centre offers consultation for families who are struggling with specific behaviors, have burning questions, and/or need someone to problem solve with. Depending on the nature of the initial request for service, consultation can be with a Clinical Psychologist, an Occupational Therapist, a Speech and Language Pathologist, a Psychomotor Therapist, a Counsellor, and Early Intervention Specialist, a Social Skills Specialist, a Behavior Therapist, or a combination of all of the above.


School Consultation

The most effective schools for neutodivergent students are schools that continually seek consultation and strive to better their awareness, understanding, strategies, and resources. These schools know what they do not know and seek to fill that gap.

Little Sprouts’ School Consultation program provides schools with the support, information and other resources they need in order to offer appropriate educational services to their students with special needs. Consultation can center around particular student(s), the school’s special education program(s), or school policies.